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Pandora’s New Layout Came When It Was Supposed To

Pandora’s new layout is a welcome change for me, primarily because it is based on HTML5. With the previous version of Pandora, my 32-bit Firefox browser would often crash on my 64-bit operating system due to the flash player.

Since, I no longer use Firefox, it hasn’t been a problem with good ol’ trusty Chrome, but it’s still nice to know that Firefox will be safe.

But let’s get to the point with complexity. Let’s start with how the interface looks, my first impression is that it is much less cluttered than the previous version. Everything is more out-in-the-open and it feels like I can breathe.

In terms of “knowing where is what” is when you have to carefully scan the entire webpage and tinker around with options, menus, etc. -it probably takes only a few minutes, but for people who have been using Pandora for years, it may be a bit of an annoyance (especially when you just want to get straight to work).

Had Pandora been released in this layout, I think it would have been much less successful, but after years of accruing tried and true fans, I think people are willing to learn the new layout without much of a problem. Especially when you’re paying for a Pandora One account. All in all, the change came when it was supposed to.

Photo Courtesy of squeegy
Photo Courtesy of mulad