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SiriusXM Revamps Entire System To Stay Competitive

SiriusXM satellite radio will soon offer personal radio channels, kinda like what Pandora has got going on for them. I guess SiriusXM thought it was time to change the way they operate if they plan on remaining a player in the audio space.

SiriusXM’s new radio channels will be able to replay, skip, and ban songs, as well as some on-demand features. You’ll also be able to use it on your TiVo which might make the hefty monthly packages a bit more reasonable.

Okay, so you might be thinking there is a catch to all this, and you would be correct in that guess. The catch is that you’ll need a new radio to use the new features and channels.

While this is a huge step for SiriusXM, I am not sure if it is big enough to compete with Spotify and Pandora, two very strong competitors. Likewise, who is going to want to buy a radio when they can download a free Pandora app?

I don’t know, it still seems “90’s” to me. Call me a cynic, I don’t care, I still say it won’t be enough to bring them back in the game. But let’s hear what you think, so send us a tweet @techmento and drop us a line.

Photo Courtesy of audio
Photo Courtesy of darcy