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Elphi The Smart Plug System

Elphi is a smart digital plug system that you plug into your wall and control via a smartphone app. With it you can monitor, control and even share devices with your friends from anywhere in the world. Simply plug your devices into the Elphi plug and connect them to the Elphi cloud with the free app. The streamlined setup process usually takes less than sixty seconds and its designed to work with your existing WiFi network so you don’t have to buy any additional hardware.

The system allows you to set timers for the most important daily tasks, like making coffee.

There’s just one problem, Elphi isn’t available yet. They are actually trying to raise money via a Kickstarter project to start mass production. They hope to raise $90,000 but only have several days to go.

If interested, you may want to head over to its Kickstarter and contribute. For a pledge of $69 or more you can have your own Elphi smart plug, as soon as they become available later this year.