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Linus Torvald Disses NVidia For Not Supporting Linux

Linus Torvald, the man behind the Linux Kernel, expressed his frustration and anger with NVIDIA at an interview in Finland. Watch the video in which he says is “the worst trouble spot” that he ever had to work with, before giving the finger to the camera. [00:49 video in the full post]

Essentially, Linus Torvald is unhappy about the fact that NVIDIA does not support or does not provide drivers for Linux. However, NVIDIA is now going full force into the Android market, which is Linux-based. This outburst was triggered by a question from a Linux user who noticed that support for some NVIDIA features like Optimus came out late (thanks to a github project), which NVIDIA said that they would not support, at least the same level they do with other OSes, namely Windows and Android.

This of course makes for good drama and it’s hardly surprising that NVIDIA doesn’t dedicate the kind of resources that they put in Windows or Android to Linux.

The NVIDIA Linux driver issue isn’t new. Linux users have been complaining for years about this, and AMD has even tried to fill the gap at some point by releasing open-source drivers. NVIDIA has refused to release an Open-Source driver because they say that it would expose information that is critically important to the company.