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Twitter Gets Hacked By UGNazi

It looks like it is that time of the year again for hackers to cause their online mayhem. The latest instant comes from a group called UGNazi, responsible for former hacks towards government websites.

The attack occurred on 6/21/2012 and was a DoS or “Denial of Service” attack which shut down Twitter by flooding it with requests. While this likely disrupted the 14% of the country who regularly sends out tweets, the attack was brief.

Twitter followed up with a comment saying that the outage was due to a cascaded bug in one of their infrastructure components and went on to describe it somewhat as a domino effect with their servers downtime.

Meanwhile UGNazi is having their laughs in their mothers basement. Were you tweeting about when the attack happened, or were you busying working on clearing those work e-mails? It’s okay, you can tell us. Drop us a note below!

Photo Courtesy of hackNY
Photo Courtesy of Scott Beale