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Lantronix xPrintServer – Printing From Your iOS Devices

Lantronix recently released a new version of its xPrintServer which turns any printer into a wireless printer for your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. The company released its first xPrintServer late last year, allowing you to turn any network-connected printer into an iOS printer by simply plugging an Ethernet cable into the little box. Now the company added the xPrintServer Home Edition to its lineup, adding a USB port for the types of printers you’re more like to find at home.

The xPrintServer will allow you to treat your standard USB printer like a shared network printer so you can still use it from your computer as well as your iPhone or iPad. Unfortunately the xPrintServer doesn’t support WiFi — which means you’ll need to have a router and printer that are reasonably close to one another.

For a price of just $99, you can send print jobs from your iPad to virtually any printer, not just one that supports Apple’s AirPrint service. Check out the video below.