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New Prepaid Mobile Broadband Service From Walmart

Walmart and TruConnect launched a prepaid mobile broadband service that lets you pay for the amount of data you use, rather than monthly. Essentially, you don’t have to pay $40 every month regardless if you used all your data. You just pay for the data you used. The service is called Internet To Go, and it uses Sprint’s 3G wireless network. Its a smart option if you only use your device to check email and do sporadic connections.

Here’s how it works: You buy a Novatel MiFi 2200 wireless hotspot device, and then pay for the amount of data bandwith you want. You can use it all at once or over the course of a year or two. Regular users can also sign up for automatic refills.

Here are the rates:

  • 100MB for $10
  • 500MB for $25
  • 1GB for $45
  • Automatic refills at 450MB for $20

The MiFi costs around $120. The prices aren’t all that great when you compare them to the monthly plans by the others. However, if you rarely need internet access on the go, you could actually save a lot of money with this service.

  • Joe

    This is old data. The plans are much better now. 1.5 GB for $25, no expiration, device is cheaper too, $79.88.