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Paintable Battery – Yes Spray On Batteries

Many major tech giants seek sleeker and ever-more powerful batteries to power devices such as phones and tables so they’re pushing engineers to create unconventional, more space-efficient batteries. A group of students at Rice University, in Pulickel Ajayan’s lab, have done just that. They actually created a “battery” that can be sprayed on virtually any surface like a spray paint. The idea sounds far fetched, and the project leader, graduate student Neelam Singh, admits she was a bit skeptical herself.

“I thought it was a very interesting idea to see if we could make a battery on any surface — I thought it was crazy also,” she said. “But it was worth trying.” Good thing she tried, because it worked.

Of course significant hurdles remain before the technology can be brought from the lab to a commercial scale. Some of the materials Singh and her colleagues worked with are, to some extent toxic, but she’s confident environmentally friendly alternatives can be found.

The research appears in Nature’s online, open-access journal Scientific Reports.