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Quadcore Galaxy Note 2, A Monster!

After rocking the Smartphone’s market with its Galaxy S series, Samsung is now setting up for introducing another phone in its Galaxy Note series i.e. Galaxy Note 2. The phone apparently will have a gigantic 5.5 inch display. At first it was believed to feature an unbreakable plane (UBP) display; however some unofficial reports from Samsung denied that and stated, it might be feature of the Samsung product after Galaxy Note 2.

The Galaxy Note 2 is also believed to have an unstipulated quad-core processor (probably an Exynos Quad). Samsung is also predicted to upgrade its 8 megapixels camera to an eye-catching 12.0 megapixels shooter. Last but not the least; it’s said to run on the up-to-the-minute revealed Jelly Bean version of Android OS.

The ongoing increase in display of mobile phones has raised an unanswerable question i.e. how big can the mobile companies afford to go with the displays? Too large displays surely have pros but their cons cannot be neglected either. Users of phones with 4inch plus display would easily go along with the 5.5inch monster but one handed operators will indubitably have issues using it. The phone is expected to roll out in August at Germany’s IFA 2012 trade show.

Photo Courtesy of Suanie

Photo Courtesy of o2

  • Tony Green

    Anyone know the release date for the U.S.? I would definitely consider it.