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Apple to Introduce iPad Mini in Brazil

There are rumors that Apple is introducing the iPad Mini in Brazil sometime in September. Of course, its not official, its a rumor but more and more reports indicate its already in existence. However, we have yet to know the real details of its specs.

Apple has a factory in Brazil and, according to the latest reports, anonymous sources seem to have it on good authority that the Nexus 7 competitor, the iPad Mini, will be manufactured there, although some production tests are already being conducted in China.

Furthermore, the report claims that the smaller iPad, which should hit the market in time for the holiday season, will be thinner than the thinnest seven-inch Android tablet on the market, and offer a 3G variant too. Compared to the Nexus 7, the iPad Mini will allegedly have the same height but will be a tad wider — which could be normal given the wide aspect ratio of Apple’s tablets).