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Is HTC Really Going Down?

It seems like confronting Apple legally wasn’t such a good idea, HTC ended up losing the fight and hurting its sales. Normally nothing big is expected from patent lawsuits but that not always is the case. HTC is living examples. Due to the poor economic situation in Europe and the requirement for customs inspections after it lost a patent dispute with Apple, its profit fell down substantially by 57 percent!

HTC had its eyes on its newly launched product HTC One X but due to delayed shipments because of the sanction order, it couldn’t get the phone in time to the US market.

This whole thing is proving destructive for the HTC. HTC kept leading the industry for years and then it had to watch SAmsung and HTC quickly take over. HTC even had to watch the Nokia and RIM to lead the Smartphone sales in first quarter earlier this year.

And doesn’t look like recovering anytime soon either. Undoubtedly, its One X is being appreciated by the tech gurus however the company is still having trouble with moving the Smartphones.

If the company didn’t come up with few hits products, it’s going to join the boat of other struggling mobile phones companies. It also has figure out a way to permanently stay away from legal teams of other mobile phones companies.

Photo Courtesy of John.K
Photo Courtesy of John.K