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July 9, Internet’s doomsday!!

You might have come across the threatening messages on social networks or Facebook more specifically that you may lose your access to the internet on July 9 and would probably have considered it a scam but it’s not a scam! Tens of thousands of internet user across the globe will have to lose their internet access July 9 onwards.

The coming Monday is being called “Internet doomsday” for computer users including Mac users due to a malware that might have stealthily infected their computer a year ago. The malware is called DNS Changer and it was temporarily fixed by the FBI but the operation was proving to be too expensive and so FBI had to shut it down.

The malware is nasty enough to take down a computer’s anti-virus program. According to a rough estimate, more than 3000,000 would end up with a dead internet.

The largest number is in United States (69,000) however a couple dozen more countries also have infected computers including Germany, Italy, India, UK, France and Australia. Johannes Ullrich, a researcher with the SANS Security Institute said “Reaching victims is a very hard problem, and something we have had issues with for years.”

A security firm said that at least 58 out of all Fortune 500 companies and two out of 55 main government bodies will stand to lose their internet connections. The internet fraud that resulted in spreading this malware actually took place from October 2007 to 2011 and in that time span it had infected at least four million computers in 100 countries across the globe.

Photo Courtesy of hackNY