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S-Beam, A Waste On Jelly Bean?

A latest comedown for Galaxy S III, S III no wonder is geared up with superlative hardware and software innovations. Among them, the highlight was S-Beam. S-Beam is used for swift multimedia sharing between two Galaxy S III phones through NFC over Wi-Fi direct. This concept actually involves selecting the required files and then bumping two handsets together, the NFC automatically setups a direct Wi-Fi connection and the files are shared truly fast between them.

Many people might not like the feature and may consider it even useless but in reality, it’s a milestone for mobile phone makers. It would make sharing the large file i.e. HD multimedia really painless. After announcing Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Google affirmed that the Jelly Bean has been updated to support the Beam feature and thus adding more to S-Beam however later it was found out that Google picked up using Bluetooth rather than Wi-Fi for Beaming.

That’s a shame for Google. Using the S-Beam no longer seems useful for the S III users. Transfer larger files through it would take decades to complete. Now nothing probably can be done about it but the Google surely might want to consider changing that feature, in its new Android Os.

Photo Courtesy of louis..