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The Blind Can SEE The Colors!!

There are no limits to how better can technology make our life better; for instance, a research team at Hebrew University of Jerusalem has developed a new system to help the blind. It’s been named EyeMusic. The system uses sensory substitution devices (SSD).

The SSD’s converts images in to music, thus allowing the visually damaged eyes to ‘see’ using music. The system is been programmed by a number of algorithms. They use five separate musical instruments for five different colors. They play the music as the camera passes over the colors.

Here is how the system works, it uses white for vocals, blue for trumpets, red for reggae organ, green for synthesized reed, yellow for violin and finally black for silence. Here is what a researcher named Drs. Shelly Levy-Tzedek quoted about the system:
“We demonstrated in this study that the EyeMusic, which employs pleasant musical scales to convey visual information, can be used after a short training period (in some cases, less than half an hour) to guide movements, similar to movements guided visually,”-“The level of accuracy reached in our study indicates that performing daily tasks with an SSD is feasible, and indicates a potential for rehabilitative use.”

Photo Courtesy of Smurf
Photo Courtesy of rob