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A Massive 75inch LED TV!!

Bored of your current LED TV, Craving for a bigger one? The new Samsung ES9000 might be the right thing for you. Launched back in January, it supports an enormous 75 inch HD screen. The ES9000 Smart LED TV is driven by a powerful dual-core 1GHz processor.

The powerful processor allows it to smoothly run multiple Smart TV apps concurrently. The Smart TV was introduced in South Korea earlier this week. The ES9000 carries a wallet breaking $17,500 price tag but the 75ich screen and the thin 7.9 mm bezel is worth it all. It was at first said that the Samsung ES9000 is an LED TV not an OLED TV, it has the same model number as the OLED TV launched back in January so that created a bit confusion on few websites.

Here is what Samsung said about the Smart TV:
“Samsung’s ES9000 also represents the culmination of Samsung’s latest design and engineering technologies and marks a new era of minimalistic design. Because Super OLED technology features self-emitting RGB sub-pixels which do not require a backlight, the TV weighs 30 percent less than a standard LED TV, and sports a sleek design thinner than 0.3 inches—one quarter of the thickness of a conventional LED TV.”

Photo Courtesy of louisvolant