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Windows 8, A Perfect Choice For Tablets?

There is no stopping to innovation; Windows 8 is the clear picture! Built even a year back, Microsoft offered an Operating system that is way faster than its forerunners and consumes less memory. An year back only Windows 8’s developer preview was made public, then the Microsoft came up with a consumer preview and now they have made release preview available.

The release preview of Windows 8 is still an incomplete version yet it seems up to the expectations of its developers. Windows 8 seems to be surpassing Windows 7 in many aspects although it’s not yet completed. Both the Windows were run on a same machine and the figures noted were:
Windows 7 Startup: 38 seconds
Windows 8 Startup: 17 seconds
Windows 7 Shutdown: 12.2 seconds
Windows 8 Shutdown: 9.9 seconds
The numbers clearly show that Windows 8 machine started up 55.26% faster. Testing other services like browser speed, compliance and video rendering implied Window 8’s better performance. The Windows 8 however was found to lag during files transfer.

The difference might not look too wide for computers however they definitely will affect the tablets’ performance as faster on and off time is must for any mobile OS. Seems like Microsoft has done pretty fine work on the Windows 8 and promises better operating system for same bucks.

Photo Courtesy of SpicaGames
Photo Courtesy of Bob