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AirPlay And Many More On Your iPad Now

It seems like Google would do anything to make it appealing for the users. Google recently rolled out and upgrade for its Google application for iOS. The application for iOS is almost the same in design as that for the Android version and after the new update, it now has full-support for iPad. The new update offers way more contented interface to the users to catch up with their Google+ activity. After the new update, the application is heavily depended on images and thus has a clean interface. The iPad stream gives you the option to stream styles based different categories like popularity, type, orientation etc…

The new app also offers the feature to start a Hangout with your friends from your iPad and then stream it directly to your TV using Apple’s AirPlay services. It includes many other extra features as Google+ Events and enables you to attach a photo to the posts instantly.

The new update also brings full support to iPad’s Retina display. Google announced on its official blog that “The Google+ app for iPad was designed with the device in mind. Your stream styles content based on popularity, type and orientation.”

Source geekygadgets

Photo Courtesy of mbie
Photo Courtesy of zack