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Nvidia Kai Platform To A Next Level

Nvidia is planning to bring the KAI PLATFORM to a next level. We have seen this new technology being introduced in quad-core Tegra 3 chip of Google nexus 7, but now they have planned to introduce this project on smart phones as well. Which means that users will get quad core devices with Nvidia chips and Google (android) operating system.

  This KAI PLATFORM is not only for the tablets, but also for smart phones. It will provide users with high technology quad-core devices with latest android IOS at very reasonable rates. There specifications will be much like Google Nexus 7 like quad core Terga 3 processor, loads of storage, 1 gig RAM and many others latest functions that are already available on nexus 7. Recently a Terga executive said “We went to all of our component manufacturers, ‘we want to build this reference platform, we want to give people a good deal,” We can expect these smart phones to hit the market at the end of this year.

ZTE as well as Huawei can be the first networks to launch these powerful devices. And it will give many big companies like QUALCOMM and SR-ERICSSON a very tough time.

Photo Courtesy of sfyoshi
Photo Courtesy of sportech