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Cool Eye Wear Gadget MEG4.0

After the great success of Google’s Project Glass eyewear, revealed earlier this year, Olympus has this week brought out a new display eyewear prototype named the MEG4.0.

The Olympus MEG4.0 is manufactured in such a way that it connects with our daily usage devices through Bluetooth and is also integrated with Olympus’s in-house “proprietary optical technology”.The MEG4.0 is also fitted with a QVGA 320 x 240 display .

The stem-like structure sits on one side of the glasses and connects to a tablet or phone via Bluetooth. The MEG4.0 is designed for all-day use and should last eight hours on a charge, although Olympus states the glasses are designed for bursts of use, 15-seconds at a time.

The Olympus glasses are diaphanous with a “pupil division optical system” and they can increase the clarity of the things seen through them. No camera is mentioned but there is a high possibility of it being in the gadget.

Other than that, Olympus’s MEG4.0 is equipped with many other amazing features such as accelerometer which can assess the movements of the wearers head. Now that’s something hard to get hold of.

But unfortunately the price and the accessibility of this device are yet to be known though whenever it comes out you can definitely check it out here.

Photo Courtesy of BOM
Photo Courtesy of kaylaMhatre