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Garmin GLO, Your Pin-Point Accurate GPS Device

Do you need your pin-point location? The GPS on your phone is not accurate enough? The Garmin has come up with a solution for that already! The Garmin tagged up with GLONASS to roll out the portable GPS device called the GLO portable GPS and GLONASS receiver.

The GLO GPS is way more steadfast and can be used with any location-based applications like Google Maps or navigators. The GPS is not only depended on the US GPS satellite network but also depended on the Russian GLONASS satellite network that provides you the most wide-ranging satellite coverage accessible today.

The GLO was evaluated next to the standard GPS and was found to be 20% faster. Its performance great and more consistent in tough surroundings like deep valleys or metropolitan environments where there might be no direct exposure to the sky.

The device has a prolong battery life of 12 hours and a refresh rate of 10 time per second however the refresh rate can be adjusted up the device it’s connected to. It has another version that’s meant for pilots, and is made keeping in mind the aviation-physics in mind. The Garmin GLO expectedly will roll out in August with a price tag of $99 while the one for pilots is already available for $129.
source techiser
Photo Courtesy of gman
Photo Courtesy of Gtard