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5 Valuable Must Have WordPress plugins

WordPress has brought the revolution in the field of Web Development. Not in the far past people used to spend hundreds of dollars to make a 5 to 10 pages static website for their small business. Currently the trends have been changed by the team of hundreds of volunteers who have developed a flexible and comprehensive blog management system and offered it to world free of cost.

WordPress was initially developed for the people who love to spread their words through blogs but now it has served millions of people as a Content Management System (CMS). And all it has happened due to magical power of WordPress Flexibility towards the plugins. Now wordpress has all the features that anybody can think and most inspiring thing is that most of the content is totally free of cost. Through using right combination of plugins anyone can build a site for their small business or just for fun. WordPress can help you from making an online store to build a social networking site like twitter and Facebook. No matter on what topic your site is but there are some must have plugins for any site, that will really be really helpful for your future earnings.

Google XML Sitemaps
This awesome plugin generates an XML sitemap of you website that is essential for search engine bots and crawlers to visit and crawl your site periodically. Whenever you make a change on your site it automatically generates the site map and sends it to search engines. It make easier for search engines like Google , Bing and yahoo to better index your site that will ultimately leads your site to more visitors and more earnings.

World has become the global village and your online content can be visible to anyone in the world and surely their languages can be different or they want to read your site content in their native language. Gtrans is a cool plugin that covert your worpress site into a multilingual website. It translates the website content without showing google translate frame and looks like the website default feature. Many other awesome features of this Google translation plugin can be read on wordpress plugin directory.

Akismet is personally my favorite plugin as it takes you away from spamming and blocking the bad commenter again and again. It checks the comment validity through Akismet web service and holds it for your review. This is one of the most popular and Plugins whose millions of copies have been downloaded and installed to build a powerful defense shield against the spammers.

Theme My Login
This fabulous plugin replaces the default wordpress login page with the page that exactly matches to your current theme. This is not only the theme page but it is complete user management system that offer user registration with custom password. Also it facilitates the users to retrieve their password if they have forgotten it. Also you can set auto responders and other email responders for your users. This is simply awesome plugin with sidebar widget and having complete command over user redirection. This plugin will surely enhance the user experience of your site.

WP Super Cache
This plugin is powerful backend manager of your site that converts every dynamic and slow loading page into a static and light weight HTML page that reduces the load time of your site. These lightweight pages will be shown to the users who have not registered and logged into the site. This means that 99% of the users will be served with HTML static pages without any difference to dynamic PHP pages. By reducing site loading time your site will get the higher search engine ranking that will surely put your site in front of millions of potential visitors.

I hope you enjoyed the reading. Please send your feedback that will encourage us to write more for you.

Pomy Author Bio: Pomy Mughal
Muslim, Pakistani, Solopreneur, Blogger & Freelancer. I do WordPress and bbPress. WLTM like-minded individuals for fun & interesting projects. You can call me Pomy.
Website: www.pomypress.com
twitter: @pomy