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The Hacking Streak Continues, Android Forums Hacked!

After LinkedIn and Yahoo Inc, an Android forum known as Android Forums has been breached by hackers. The hacking attack probably led to off the record user information including log in credentials getting compromised.

The news was made public by Phandroid.com, operator of the forums. The forum members are been advised to change their log in details. This forum has over a million active users.

The Android Forums Community manager, Phases, posted in a blog “The user table of Android Forum’s database was (at a minimum) accessed” however they are not yet completely sure about that but they have taken the obligatory defensive action.

The breached database data included information like unique log in IDs, usernames, emails, hashed passwords and registration IP addresses, says the post. Hash is a cryptographic representation of a key (password). It randomly assigns some slots to your passwords using an algorithm and retrieves them using the same algorithm.

After the hacking, as a counter measure, the passwords were changed to random strings. The hack was reported to be a mail harvesting attempt about which the manager said, A spammer could theoretically attempt to bulk e-mail all AF users with the user database”, he further added “It seems like online security breaches are, unfortunately, just a sign of our times.” referring to the recently hacked Yahoo Inc database.
Source pcworld
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