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Google Takeout Merges Your Google+ Accounts Together!

Having more than one Google + account and can’t manage them together? Thinking about deactivating the extra ones? Well, you do not need to! Google recently added a new feature to the Google + named Google Takeout. The tool lets you fuse more than one account, thus letting you transfer all the circles and circle information in one account.

The tool lets you decide a “source” and a “destination” account, thus moves all your connections and circles to the destination account. After the transfer is done, the people in their circles will only see the destination profiles.

This tool will greatly help G Plus users with multiple accounts linked with different email ids. The tool even transfers the blocked users or the ignored ones and unites all the circle names, members and settings.

Here is what the Google Plus product manager had to say about the added feature:
“A while back we announced plans for a tool that would help you transfer your circles from one Google+ account to another and ensure that your followers are automatically directed to your new, preferred profile. Today, anyone can visit Google Takeout and click “Transfer your Google+ connections to another account.”

Source CNET
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