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Google Now-A Journey From Jelly Bean To Ice Cream Sandwitch

Great news for android fans, a member of XDA developers has figured out the way of upgrading of Google Now from Jelly Bean to Ice Cream Sandwich. For those who don’t know much about Google Now, it’s actually a voice assistant for android devices rival to Apple’s siri.

It has been released for latest version of android Ice Cream Sandwich mainly. It will provide users the luxury of having a smart personal assistant like siri. Now the process of upgrading Google Now in Ice Cream Sandwich is rather complicated. Users might need to modify the build.Prop to have this upgrade installed in their devices. Some might not be able to install it in their devices due to incompatibility issues .But we really hope that a modified and newer version of this upgrade is coming soon which will allow all the users to try Google Now on the Jelly Bean operating system.

If you want to know about the detailed process you can visit XDA developers forum and find the whole method there, or you can contact XDA developer’s member febycv to be exact who figured out how to extract this Google Now upgrade from android 4.0 jelly bean.

Photo Courtesy of halilgokdal

Photo Courtesy of keith.bellvay