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Nifti Mini-drive,A Soultion To Low Memory In Macbooks

Kick-starters have announced a new type of storage device for apple Mac book/Mack book pro. This new storage device is known as Nifty Mini-drive. This will solve the storage problems in Mac book pro and Mac book air. Due to the sleekness of Mac books there is always an issue of lack of storage or one should say limited storage.

But this Nifty Mini-drive will increase the storage capacity of Mac books that will help its users store more data and media on their Mac book.

Nifty Mini-drive is actually a small plastic adapter with an micro-SD card. It fits in to Mac book’s SD card slot. It’s been designed to fit well in there without sticking out from the side and will increases the space available in Mac book. An SD card up to 64gb can be used in this Nifty Mini-drive.

Another benefit of this Mini-drive is that it will take less time for backing up than the traditional hard drive. Now it’s also available in different colors, so you can purchase the Nifty Mini-drive in your favorite color. As far as its price goes, you can pre-order it at least 30$ to 1000$ and the backers will get free shipping in the US.

Photo Courtesy of sigalakos

Photo Courtesy of Autoschieber