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About Us

Techmento  is a new media site dedicated to profiling startups, reviewing new web products and breaking technology news. It was started as a way to share information by Israel Denis and is privately owned.


What’s the scoop on the name?
The name Techmento was derived from mainly two words, technology and segmento (spanish for segment), and essentially means a segment on tech.

The Techmento Site
The site is run by a team of creative bloggers who love technology and are passionate about the Internet, social media and innovation. They work tirelessly to bring you a mix of information so you can stay focused on what’s relevant. Whether it’s tech news, app reviews, new features, or just videos on YouTube– they bring you the information you seek!

We would love to hear from you on each posting, so feel free to comment on this site or on the Facebook fan page. Give us feedback, interact with us, tell us what you like, tell us what you think and encourage others to do the same. We value your input and would like to make things better for you, our reader.

Social Community
We encourage you to send us tips, relevant articles, or topics you think we should cover. You can send tips directly from the site or on Twitter via @Techmento.

Our Mission and Passion
Our mission is to provide technology-related information to our interested readers. Thankfully, we love our job and we enjoy keeping you in the loop.

Our Commitment
Our commitment is to deliver seamless and consistent information of the highest standard.

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