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Articles Archive for Author Asif Ali

Is HTC Really Going Down?

It seems like confronting Apple legally wasn’t such a good idea, HTC ended up losing the fight and hurting its sales. Normally nothing big is expected from patent lawsuits but that not always is the case. HTC is living examples. Due to the poor economic situation in Europe and the requirement for customs inspections after it lost a patent dispute with Apple, its profit fell down substantially by 57 percent!

Quadcore Galaxy Note 2, A Monster!

After rocking the Smartphone’s market with its Galaxy S series, Samsung is now setting up for introducing another phone in its Galaxy Note series i.e. Galaxy Note 2. The phone apparently will have a gigantic 5.5 inch display. At first it was believed to feature an unbreakable plane (UBP) display; however some unofficial reports from Samsung denied that and stated, it might be feature of the Samsung product after Galaxy Note 2…

Anonymous Strikes Man Tech International!

Anonymous will never give the fight up. This time, their victim is the unfortunate cyber security contractor Man Tech International. The recent attack was aimed to embarrass the FBI. The rising slope of Anonymous’ violence against the FBI shows no negative deviation, regardless of the increasing number of global hacker arrests.

The group claimed that they have breached into a database of a big U.S. cyber security contractor linked to the FBI. On Friday morning, Anonymous kept their word by leaking a heap of classified documents obtained from the security contractor Man Tech International.

Nokia Tablet Concept, By Gregory Pizzato

Gregory Pizzatto, the man behind the Nokia BlackBerry concept, once again came up with an innovative concept. However, it is the tablet with the Nokia branding that he designed this time.

The Nokia tablet features a 10 inch screen and a 3D camera. The specific model is available in two colors, the black piano finish and a silver one.

The only real guess is what kind of operating system would be used on the new Nokia concept. The speakers implanted on the back side look bizarre, as if they were copied from some dummy and pasted there on the original.

First 3D-Printed Plane Goes Through Test Flight!

The world’s first 3D printed plane made it to the skies. It is called Eosint P730 and is made by nylon laser sintering using a 3D-objects printer made up by students of the Southampton University. It basically is an unmanned aerospace vehicle (UAV).

The Eosint is a duplicate of the SULSA -the distinctive aircraft was used during the World War 2, which made it the number one contender for the Eosint to take form.

Live ESPN Action On Your Xbox LIVE!

ESPN is now taking game streaming to a new level on your Xbox LIVE. Microsoft signed a deal with ESPN to bring ESPN to the Xbox LIVE. The joint venture now brings the excitement of stadium sports to your room in HD quality.

You get a total of 3500 live sporting actions in HD. It’s not the sports-on-demand that you can watch but also check live scores for other games at the same time. You can access the Xbox LIVE community and can share your views with others.

LulzSec Frames Innocent Man As Leader Of Anon

There is yet another twist in the apprehended member of LulzSec story. The ‘real’ hacker actually managed to dupe police to take a wrong guy into custody.

The actual hacker turned out to as sharp as you would expect a hacker from LulzSec to be. The evidence too indicates that the LulzSec hacker tricked the police to grab an innocent guy who had nothing to do with hacking.

LulzSec And Anonymous Nominated For Pwnie Awards 2011

Finally, the time has come to reward the infamous hacking organizations. Will it be LulzSec or Anonymous? Both the groups have been nominated for Pwnie Awards 2011. Thus far, they are going nose to nose in the category for the most destructive, extensively publicized or entertaining hack of the year. The fifth Pwnies award ceremony will be taking place next week- it is just like the Oscars for the cyber community.

In the world of hacking, ‘pwn’ stands for control, as in controlling another person’s computer or an entire server. Pwnies is pronounced just like ponies, which is exactly the reason why the winners get a gold-painted Little Pony statue.

iPad-Friendly Facebook App Blocked!

The much-anticipated and apparently leaked Facebook app for iPad had a short life. The crack was discovered by TechCrunch. The app was actually a modified version of the already available Facebook iPhone app.

Facebook didn’t really like the leaked application and has now blocked the app. Facebook doesn’t want the app to be used before they officially release it.

If you are the fortunate one to have already activated the app, you can keep using it. The activated app can still be used but those who haven’t early done the hacking cannot activate it any longer; they will have to wait for Zuckerberg and Co to officially release the app.

Amnesty International Website- Blocked In Saudi Arabia

Amnesty International, a human rights organization. The move followed the publishing of an analysis by Amnesty International. The analysis stated that a planned anti-terrorist law in Saudi could be used against nonviolent protests.

Amnesty said in a report on Monday that the Saudi authorities have blocked their core international site, however they haven’t blocked any Amnesty UK site, which reasons in favor of the proposed (Link) anti-terrorism law.