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Articles Archive for Author Scot Duke

To Comment or Not To Comment is Not the Question

Has the social networking world gone mad with using apps that ask a question? Are there any questions left to ask? Does any of the answer solve any problem? Does this line of questions make you sick? If it does, I don’t blame ya..I am kind of sick of asking them anyway.

Seriously, questions are one of the strongest problem solving tools ever created. One single question can open up or shutdown someone’s mind to finding a solution or run away from the problem. Questions are very powerful tools to problem solving. However, asking too many questions and too frequently will cause people to not want to answer. That is the problem that is developing online today.

Twitter Scams: How to Avoid Them

Who said it was easy to be on Twitter? In order to keep from falling victim to the growing number of scams brewing on Twitter it takes work. My question has always been..Is it worth it? Unfortunately, after you take the time to get real with Twitter by cleaning out the deadwood followers (people who do not respond or socialize), screen who it is you are following (to get rid of the unresponsive and trolls), forget about being as popular as Charlie Sheen (gathering up as many followers as you can) then you can start using Twitter with tremendous success. However, after you clean house and get real, you will still need to work at keeping your Twitter feed clean by screening followers out, and find out who the person is before you Follow them.

The All Inclusive REAL Official Guide to SXSW

Here it is..the all inclusive real official certified Beta version of the South by Southwest User Guide video. It is a must for anyone who is going to know what to expect when attending the conference and will be used as reference material for any other type of tech conference, seminar, workshop, gathering, tweet-to, meet-up, or whatever.

Have fun people..this is funny stuff.

What Makes a Good Business/Social Networker?

For most business owners and executives, business networking is just part of the job. Some network more than others, a few even try to avoid it due to being uncomfortable, but all businesses need someone interacting with people directly.

Really, anyone can be part of the network. All it takes is stepping out of the office to attend a gathering. Whats makes business networking different for some, is the type of gathering they attend. However, connecting to the business community’s can be done at just about any type of gathering. Networking takes someone who is good at interacting and socializing with others, someone extrovert.

Having A Trillion Followers, Is It Enough??

Ever wondered why everything in the social networking world is based around the popularity of someone or something? If not, then maybe you should since the answers to this question relates to how consumers look at things out here in La-La-Land.

Many people out in the social networking groups are out to become popular. In their minds it really doesn’t matter what it is you do for a living or what you do professionally, just as long as you have a large following. They are hoping that popularity would increase the possibility of selling something or closing a deal.

If this is the case, who or what is joining these sites and what are they doing to avoid the huge number of unwanted promotions hitting them like a firehose?

The Wonderful World of QR Codes

I recently joined the crowd who find QR Codes to be a great way to enhance their social media. Of course I am asked frequently what is a QR Code and what are they used for? I had no idea other than the fact it is a image that barcode scanner apps like ShopSavvy can scan like a barcode. What is produced from the scan of the image is information on whatever is linked to the image.

QR Code is helping merge the online and offline marketing of a business. Naturally, the QR code can be placed on web-sites and linked to product descriptions, but what I show my clients is the biggest advantage is in placing the code on printed material and most importantly Business Cards.