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Articles Archive for Author Teisha Travis

LinkedIn Reaches 100M Members, Few are Regular Users

LinkedIn, the professional social networking site, announced this morning that it has 100 million users, making it one of only four American social networks to reach this milestone (along with MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter). Last October LinkedIn had 50 million users, so they have doubled in just several months, spreading almost virally. Despite the fact that it remains only a fraction of the size of Facebook, LinkedIn is unique to marketers since it is a large social network with a more specific audience. Knowing precisely the type of people the site attracts is a benefit to marketers.

Amazon Launches AppStore, Gives Angry Birds for Free

Amazon.com just launched a store for Android smartphone apps, and in celebration are letting people download Angry Birds for free today. They also said the Android version of the app will now be available exclusively from the Amazon AppStore. Although this already beloved app will return to it’s normal price of $0.99 after today, there will be different free apps available each day. This will not only draw customers to the new AppStore, but will also help promote unknown apps that deserve the attention. Plus, who doesn’t like free apps? Everyone wins here.

Except Apple, who just sued Amazon in attempt to stop the online retailer from using the name “AppStore”.

iPad 2 Used to Shoot Music Video

By now, you know that the iPad 2 has video capturing capabilities. This has been put to use in the music video for the song “Need” by the band Eddy, a remarkable piece considering the equipment used to film it. The video was shot entirely using 4 iPad 2s, and produced by Remedy Films.

They used the iPads like professional cameras, and attached 3 to either steadicam and handheld rigs. The fourth was held by the lead singer and can be seen in the video. Although they are a professional production company, they decided to shoot in a dark environment without sophisticated lights, to create a party, night-life atmosphere. The shooting session took 5 hours, and editing took 12. The entirety of the video completed within 20 hours of picking up iPad 2s last Friday.

Nook E-reader Starts Microsoft vs. Barnes & Noble Lawsuit

As more brick and mortar bookstores close everyday, booksellers must find new ways to stay in business. This often means developing and selling e-readers, which turn out to have their own drawback: lawsuits. Today Microsoft sued Barnes & Noble over patent infringement regarding the Android-based e-reader, Nook. The patent in question deals topics such as the tabs to move between screens, surfing the web faster, using documents, and the way users interact with e-books.

This is one of many lawsuits Microsoft is involved in against Google’s mobile operating system, however they have yet to directly go after the search engine giant yet.

Facebook Events Will Soon Have Check-ins

Facebook will soon give iPhone app users the option to check-in to events, similar to how you can check-in to places. As soon as you check-in and confirm your attendance, a news story will be published on your feed, acknowledging your presence at the event. This is an improvement since it confirms actual attendance.

The check-in icon will not be on the event page. Instead, this is available within the mobile app, users will only have the option to check-in when they are near the location and around the time the event is happening.