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Articles Archive for Author Zachary Thompson

Drift HD Extreme 1080P Camcorder

Some might think that video camcorders are now obsolete, however, this conception is not entirely true. Although smartphones with amazing built-in cameras and all-in-one digital cameras have largely replaced bulky camcorders, they are not yet extinct.

For instance, Drift has recently announced their new classy sports camcorder, the Drift HD. The name suggests that the Drift HD is aimed at a fan base that has a great interest in sports. This amazing camcorder can be mounted on your helmet or even a bike handle to record your favorite moments.

Apple Launching Ultra-Thin MacBook

ust after launching MacBook Air recently, now Apple is working towards an Ultra-thin MacBook with a 15 inches of display. The new ultra-thin MacBook is undergoing some final stages of testing and might be launched soon.

Apple made the slim Mac Mini by removing the DVD drive from them. It seems Apple will be removing DVD drives from MacBook Pros as well. Which would produce an ultra-slim MacBook of the future.

Samsung Cave Changes The Way You Text

Since the birth of mobiles, there has been a regular step up in the way they look and work. The long run has many contenders running hard to get a piece of the pie and this has led to the enrichment in our products and services.

The displays have been enlarged, the operating systems improved, enhanced storage, better connectivity to social networking sites and highly sophisticated cameras. However, there is still enough work to do on text messaging and it seems like the Korean tech giant Samsung has a solution for it.

The N100 MeeGo Has Been Unleashed By Samsung

Samsung has yet again managed drop a bombshell known as the N100. The South Korean tech giant has always been in the spotlight for its innovation and unique technological products. The company recently launched the N100 netbook in India.

N100 is based on a dual core Intel Atom processor. This super handy device weighs just 2.27 pounds which ensures focus on the computational capability and connectivity on the move. The design of the N100 is actually based on the super hit N150P Netbook which sold over 3 million units till 2011.

Intel Ships ULV Chips For As Low As $107

Intel has just shipped two ultra-low voltage Celeron processors, designed for budget netbooks and laptops. The two chips offer speed and performance for all types of users.

The single core Celeron 787 chip offers a clock speed of 1.3GHz, 1.5MB of RAM and is priced at $107. If you’re looking for a bit more power though, check out the dual-core Celeron 857 with a clock speed of 1.2GHz, 2MB of RAM, and running for $134.

Screen Capturing Using MSI Afterburner

>Although the MSI Afterburner was developed and launched by MSI, but it also works with other VGA cards. The earlier release of MSI Afterburner only supported taking snapshots of the screen, but the recent Beta release (MSI Afterburner 2.2 Beta 5) lets you capture Screen Videos.

The process of recording your screen is very simple. After you download the software, you can access the Properties after Startup, by clicking the Settings button. Then you need to find the Video Capture tab located on the top menu of the Properties Window and define the video format, video quality, video capturing hotkey…

Google+ ‘Fake Names’ Disaster

A lot of people are very angry at the way Google just suspended their Google+ accounts without any notice. The reason they state for suspending these accounts is usage of fake names or even using non-alphabetic characters in their names. Google not only suspended their Google+ accounts, but all the accounts related to that account including Gmail account, Docs and Bloggers.

Google recently made a lot of it’s customers upset by introducing this new scheme. It’s like Google is enforcing people to give out their real identity even if they don’t want to. The display name or user name of a person should be entirely according to his will.

GE Working On 1TB Storage Compact Discs

GE has just revealed a breakthrough in optical storage that can greatly reduce the number of CD case space you’ll need in your one bedroom apartment. They’ve revealed a 500GB disc that can store up to 20 blu-rays, or 100 standard DVDs.

The breakthrough may offer new way to store our digital media. For example, one could store up to 100 Action-genre movies on one disc, and up to 100 Romance-genre movies on another disc, and a collection of 10 discs could hold up to a 1,000 movies.

Sony Creates The World’s Thinnest Camera-Sony DSC-TX55

When it comes to superb image capturing, Sony‘s Cyber-shot series is on top of it. Every year, Sony comes up with some very cool digital cameras for the photo lovers.

This time Sony has created what they claim to be the world’s slimmest camera, the Cyber-shot DSC-TX55. The camera is just 12.2 mm thick being 5 mm less thicker than the Sony’s DSC-TX10.

Play In Your Streets With Location Based Gaming

Tired of playing Call of Duty on the same maps? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could play games from your consoles, based on the streets you grew up in? That’s the idea behind location based gaming.

The games developed in this fashion, progress depending upon the location of the player using satellite positioning and other recent techniques. The point is that games like this bring reality as close to us as they possibly can, and with the increase in the demand of reality based titles these type of games might take over the gaming world.