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Silicon Valley Uncovered: Startup Digest – 100,000 Subscribers

StartupDigest -a company founded by Christopher McCann, is an email newsletter that helps you stay informed about the best startup events in your city. It was started with one email and now employs a number of staff and 80 curators all over the world.

Hermione Way, from TheNextWeb interview the McCann from a roof top in San Francisco.

iPhone Fire Department App – Helps Saves Lives

A Fire Department app for the iPhone, prompts you if you are willing to help a stranger in need if you know CPR. If you accept, the phone takes advantage of you location and notifies you whenever some one calls for help around you. It’s basically crowd sourcing help or first responders.

Fire Department App – PSA from Fire Department on Vimeo.

Facebook Launches Promoted Stories

Facebook is rolling out Sponsored Stories, a new way for brands to turn your friends’ interactions into promoted content.

Sponsored Stories will displace ad messages that are purely promotional copy in favor of ads that report on user actions.

It is “a way for marketers to sponsor activities that happen throughout the News Feed,” said a Facebook executive. Essentially brands choose to take certain user actions — such as checkins or actions within Facebook apps — and feature them in the column on the right side of the News Feed.

Want to see your what your LinkedIn network looks like — now there is a tool that lets you visualize it.

Help! We’re running out of internet IP space!!!

According to the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN), which manages the distribution of Internet numbers resources for the US, Canada, and much of the Caribbean and North Atlantic, the Internet is running out of space — IPv4 space that is. Many sources have been talking about the eventual exhaustion for years. But only recently is it getting significant press. Representatives of ARIN are acting diligently to spread awareness of the problem, and what can be done about it.

Less than 3% of IPv4 space remains so we could reach the end any day now.

$150 Million Ad Revenue Estimated for Twitter in 2011

In April 2010, Twitter introduced Ad sales and now estimates by Emarkerter Inc, indicate that it will likely hit $150 million this year as more companies use it to do PR and spread marketing messages. Emarketer also predicts that Twitter may reach $250 million in ad revenue by 2012.

Twitter, which is now valued at $3.7 billion after several funding rounds, has more than 175 million users globally and competes for advertising with Google and Facebook. However, according reports only 8% of web users currently use Twitter. Yet to generate more ad sales, analysts predict that Twitter will need to unveil a self-service ad platform that doesn’t require contact with sales people, similar to the one Google and Facebook currently use. The service should make it easier for anyone to market their services and products on Twitter.

Top 5 Facebook Games with Active Monthly Users

According to SocialTimes, the list of the top 5 fastest growing Facebook games is out and a recent study says that 1 in 3 American Facebook users are getting online while in the bathroom.

Former Facebook Executive Takes Senior Position at Zynga

Facebook’s first advertising executive is joining Zynga, the mobile gaming app company, and taking a significant role to formulate an advertising strategy.

Murphy joined Facebook in 2005 and unveiled the self-service advertising platform as well as the defacto “Fan / Like” pages for brands. He also facilitated the social plug-ins throughout the Internet via the open graph. His move is a great one given that Zynga is one of Facebook most strategic partner in gaming.

His new role will likely include overseeing Zynga’s advertising strategy, driving growth and fostering partnerships with major brands

$100 Million for Google’s CEO as He Steps Down

Google recently announced that Eric Schmidt will step down as CEO so co-founder Larry Page can take his place on April 4th. On Saturday Poornima Gupta, a spokeswoman for Google, said that it was awarding Mr. Schmidt with a $100 million equity which includes stock and stock options to vest after four years.

This is the first award offered to Schmidt since joining Google in 2001 as board chairman. Schmidt will become executive chairman of Google and will focus on external affairs including deals, partnerships and government outreach.