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Articles tagged with: 64bit

Windows 8 Features?

ReadWriteWeb speculates what Windows 8 might roll out. They think one of the first features would be to add 128-bit support. This scares me because it is year 2011 and we still do not have full 64-bit support for many applications. Although there is the 64-bit Mozilla browser, Namoroka, there is no reliable 64-bit Adobe flash player, rendering all 64-bit browsers useless. So at the present time, we have 64-bit operating systems that allow for our computers to read more than 3GB of memory, but we hardly have any 64-bit software to use to make the most out of our hardware. This is like buying a Lamborghini Gallardo to drive the 25mph speed limit to the post office. It just doesn’t add up. The next feature expected will be…