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Articles tagged with: adult entertainment

Mobile Media Consumption Increases 6-Fold

According to research by Limelight Networks, data shows that consumers use up 600% more media through mobile platforms in the first five months of this year compared to the same period last year. Now, we aren’t talking about a jump in usage now, compared to 2005. We are comparing these stats to last year’s numbers!

So what’s causing the rapid growth in media consumption? Well, aside from talking about Android trends, the increasing hardware that is available on phones, more video network choices, and unlimited mobile broadband plans (through some carriers) , coupled with the ever growing number of apps on the market, is making people go a bit cuckoo.

XXX Porn Domains Get ICANN Approval

According to Techie Buzz, ICANN(Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has approved the .xxx domain extension in a vote, as a top level domain. This would make all pornographic websites register with the .xxx rather than the usual .com. Many companies in the porn industry are not happy with this decision because…