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Articles tagged with: affordable computer

Toshiba Introduces New L700 And C600 Laptops

Toshiba has just revamped its Satellite L700 and C600 Series laptops, starting at $380, you’ll certainly be interested in these 15.6″ laptops, powered by AMD.

For the low price, the notebooks start out with an AMD single-core E-240 processor with AMD Radeon HD 6310 graphics. To make up for the slow processor, Toshiba is packing 3GB of DDR3 memory clocked in at 1066MHz and 250GB of hard drive space to store your files.

Want Value? Get A Netbook.

Renee Oricchio believes that netbooks are old news. She argues that netbooks existed to fill a void in our lives where consumers were looking for cheap technology during a hard hit recession. She claims that a netbook was a cheap alternative to assist our needs and an excuse to hold off on investing in an expensive laptop or until Windows 7(Remember, Vista?) showed up.

As delightful as tablets may be, you’re paying about double the price of a notebook for the same exact specs. Why?