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Articles tagged with: afterburner

Screen Capturing Using MSI Afterburner

>Although the MSI Afterburner was developed and launched by MSI, but it also works with other VGA cards. The earlier release of MSI Afterburner only supported taking snapshots of the screen, but the recent Beta release (MSI Afterburner 2.2 Beta 5) lets you capture Screen Videos.

The process of recording your screen is very simple. After you download the software, you can access the Properties after Startup, by clicking the Settings button. Then you need to find the Video Capture tab located on the top menu of the Properties Window and define the video format, video quality, video capturing hotkey…

Oversee Desktop Performance From Your Phone

Graphics card and motherboard manufacturer, MSI, has coupled with a software programmer named Nick Connors to create a version of the Afterburner overclocking program for the Android operating system. With the awesome new app, users will be able to fine tune their processing settings on and desktop or laptop over a shared WiFi connection.

Of things that can be tweaked and tuned include; frequency, temperature, voltage, and fan speed. In order to get everything set up, the user must first install the appropriate software (Afterburner program) on the host PC before anything can be modified.