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Articles tagged with: airplay

AirPlay And Many More On Your iPad Now

It seems like Google would do anything to make it appealing for the users. Google recently rolled out and upgrade for its Google application for iOS. The application for iOS is almost the same in design as that for the Android version and after the new update, it now has full-support for iPad.

Libratone’s Airplay Is Now Compatible W/ iOS

Libratone an audio company released its ultra-sleek and eye catching wireless speakers for Home. The product might be a little expensive starting from $600 for the tower and around $1100 for the Lounge soundbar.

Is spending that many greens worth it? Last year the company produced rather disappointing results which lacked compatibility with most of our operating systems.

Airplay For Windows Media Center Is Now Available

Air Media player is a remarkable tool that lets you wirelessly download video content from apples gadgets like the iPhone, iPad or even iTouch to a Windows PC. It is basicly the same as AirPlay media player that emulates and acts as Airplay receiver to accept videos from iOs gadgets.

Once after downloading and launching the media player on Windows PC you will see AirPlay enabled on iOS apps that supports it.

Apple Airplay to Stream on TV

Apple may be looking to expand Airplay technology and allow users to stream video onto their TV, according to a Bloomburg report from “two people familiar with the project.” Streaming video from iPad or iPhone to TV is currently possible, however only through the purchase and use of Apple TV, a $99 box whose sole purpose is such iPhone to TV conversion, which sends audio and video wirelessly and displays them on the TV screen. With the new rumored plan consumers would no longer need Apple TV.