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Articles tagged with: Apple computer

Apple’s Next Generation Keyboard- Leaked

If you’re reading this blog right now, you’ve used a keyboard. While keyboards do not differ a whole lot, they do carry subtle changes. Some are thinner, thicker, illuminated, black, white, glossy, matte, corded, wireless, you get the point. According to a recent patent filed by Apple, it looks like the company known for its innovation is working on a keyboard that is not only thinner but offers the same comfort provided by a full-sized keyboard.

How does Apple create a product that produces the same tactile feedback that users are accustomed to feeling on a regular keyboard? Simple, Apple will make air flow out from the keyboards. The idea is that the air blowing out…

40% Discount On iPad — Now Thats A Good Deal

During the iPad 2 craze, Apple and AT&T have slashed prices of the older 3G model by $100. The new discount brings down the out of reach prices of the 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB down to $429, $629, and $729. These 3G iPads come equipped with wifi, so you can spend even more money buying music on your iPad, yay!

If the prices still seem high though, be ecstatic for this: AT&T has sliced another…