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Articles tagged with: Apple iPhone

NASA Shuttle Embarks On Final Mission

NASA has launched its space shuttle, Atlantis into space today, making for the last mission ever on NASA’s shuttle program. Even though the weather conditions were less than ideal, the countdown continued, and before you know it, our beloved space shuttle was launched.

The launch took off at the NASA Kennedy Space Center at Launch Pad 39A at 11:26AM Eastern, while a million pairs of eyes saw the remarkable man-made device launch into space.

Meet Swoop The Owl, Your iPhone’s Protector

If you sleep with your iPhone, or iPod Touch, you’re not alone, but what can you do to protect your phone from falling off the bed while you doze off? Jim McGraw wanted to find the solution to that very problem and invented a plush owl called Swoop the Owl.

The idea is very simple, just plop your iPhone into the Owl’s pouch and begin using. The kickstarter project currently has less than two weeks remaining and is nearly 25% funded.

LinkedIn’s New Gesture Features

LinkedIn introduced a new social news service back in March that aggregates the top headlines and stories related to one’s industry, based on the connections shared. When LinkedIn Today was developed for the iPhone, programmers focused on keeping the interaction model simple through keeping familiar design patterns outlined in Apple’s Human Inferface Guidelines for the iPhone. In its first update since the big push, users are now able to navigate through the iPhone app via new gestures that LinkedIn claims to be more fluid and natural.

iPhone Prototype With 64GB Memory Leaked (VIDEO Proof)

Rumors have been flying around that there was an iPhone with 64Gs of memory in the works. Now we have complete proof — even a hands on video.

The device looks like it was leaked from Foxconn’s factory in Shenzhen and the owner of the prototype told the site that he got it from a source who has a small quantity of them.

Can You Death Grip Me Now? Oh Hello No!!

Tomorrow is the first day you are supposed to be able to buy the new Verizon iPhone in stores. Before you stand in line, lay down your cash, sign a long term deal, and walk out the door; you may want to check this out.

The infamous iPhone 4 deathgrip is affecting Verizon users according to some reports. Despite claims that the Verizon iPhone would be free of such issues, there seems to be evidence that it is happening.