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Articles tagged with: april fools

VEVO Signs Rebecca Black For $5M Record Deal

We have just got wind that VEVO has signed Rebecca Black for a $5 million dollar contract to do her very own record label. In case you haven’t seen Rebecca Black’s popular music video, we have posted “Friday” below. Her video has 73 million views and counting. Analysts speculate that the popularity caught VEVO’s eye, and with one thing leading to another, VEVO decided to make the offer.

Rebecca Black’s new album will feature current hit songs such as “Friday” and “Prom Night” but will also include her new singles; “Isn’t He Cute?”, “My Purple Notebook”, “I Know Right?”, and “Winter Wonderland.” Her album is set to release…

BREAKING NEWS: Apple iPad Switches To Android

Apple has announced today that they will be releasing their next iPad over to Android technology. Apple will be implementing their critical update, worldwide on June 3rd. Why? Apple claims that their current iOS technology is causing too many complaints with users wanting to return their brand new hardware in exchange for a refund. Apple sees the benefits of switching to Android technology, one of which is the widespread popularity from current Android devices.

The iPads with the new update will feature Google’s operating system, Android 3.0, Honeycomb, making Google even larger, and the sole competitor against Windows Mobile operating system.