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Articles tagged with: atlantis

NASA Shuttle Embarks On Final Mission

NASA has launched its space shuttle, Atlantis into space today, making for the last mission ever on NASA’s shuttle program. Even though the weather conditions were less than ideal, the countdown continued, and before you know it, our beloved space shuttle was launched.

The launch took off at the NASA Kennedy Space Center at Launch Pad 39A at 11:26AM Eastern, while a million pairs of eyes saw the remarkable man-made device launch into space.

Government Shutdown May Delay Space Shuttle Launch

NASA confirmed on April 8th, 2011 that a government shutdown might delay the final launch of the space shuttle Endeavour. The odds of a shutdown increased when Democrats and Republicans wrestled over a budget plan. According to Computerworld, a NASA spokesman said that although a shutdown lasting only a few days would not “affect the scheduled April 29 shuttle launch, a longer shutdown” would.

The federal government cannot close for over a week if the Endeavour is to stick to schedule. As previously mentioned, this will be Endeavour’s final flight before…