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Articles tagged with: backup

Flickr Deletes 4000 Photos Accidentally — Ooops!!!

An avid photographer learnt the hard way that Flickr accidentally deleted his account and all his photos, 4000 of them, a major fumble from Flickr to say the least. He was shocked to find that his 5-year-old Pro account had completely vanished and was prompted to recreate his username when he tried to log in. His followers generated tags and photo captions and all that information was wiped out!!!

Essentially, Flickr accidentally ran the permanent account deletion script on the innocent man rather than the culprit. Oh but wait there is more, they claimed there was nothing they could do!!! All his stuff was gone for good. Feel likes going to the doctor and having the wrong limb amputated by a doctor who comes back and says “sorry but we cut the wrong leg”. Ooooouch, that must hurt big time — specially when you’ve been using the site for years and the photos were all good memories.