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Articles tagged with: BioWare

Attention Fans Of ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’

STAR WARS’ video game franchise has seen a number of top rated games as well as some flunks but it never loses the wind of excitement.

Video gamers love this franchise. The latest attraction is the widely anticipated upcoming MMORPG of the franchise abbreviated as SWTOR which is likely to boost a lot of energy in the gaming circles.

EA’s Fumble: Disabling Access To Purchased Games

In a recent forum banning of gamer, Tom Landry, EA took it to the next level when they disabled Tom’s ability to activate a single-player game, Dragon Age II from BioWare, a game he had recently purchased. The guy was banned from the forums for saying “Have you sold your souls to the EA devil?” While any normal internet user would think this a pretty mild statement, especially on the internet, EA took it to the next level. In a relevant discussion thread, an EA company representative noted…