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Articles tagged with: bootloader

HTC Desire With Linux Ubuntu Installed!

If you loved every bit of the HTC Desire, but were hoping for something more ‘desktop-y’, a guy named Bergfex from XDA developers, got the Android phone to boot to Linux Ubuntu, natively. To do the hack, the user must put zip files in specified places (such as the root of one’s SD card and on the desktop). The phone must then be put into bootloader mode. The user is then required to connect his or her phone into a desktop computer and restart it to get the old ROM loading.

So you may be asking, well how does Ubuntu work on a phone, is it buggy?

Full Scoop On Acer + Samsung Chrome Notebooks

Google and Acer have come forth with full specs, pricing, and a release date for the two popular Chrome notebooks. We covered the story just last week when we heard news about the leak and are happy to finally offer you real photos this time. Both models will go on sale on June 15th through Amazon and Best Buy. Similarly, both notebooks boast an eight second boot-time since they both boot to a browser from a solid-state drive.

New Flavor Of Puppy Linux Is Released

Linux launched a new flavor of their OS on Saturday, version 5.2.5 of the Lucid Puppy Linux Distribution, also known as “Lupu.” The newest addition to this software is version 4.1.0 of the Bash shell, a replacement for the previous version’s Bash 3. Also to be replaced is the Syslinux 3 with a fresher copy of the bootloader, and a new window manager called JWM 500 replacing version 493. The update also refreshes the Gnumeric spreadsheet software. With the new Puppy Linux distro, there are more themes and more programs available through the “Puppy Package Manager.”