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Articles tagged with: british

Finally, A Hybrid Car That Goes 200MPH

Jaguar is planning to launch its C-X75 concept vehicle as a hybrid supercar. The C-X75 takes the cake for speed, known to achieve speeds greater than 200MPH and is expected to deliver ultra-low CO2 emissions of less than 99g/km. Finally a concept vehicle with plans through production, something that rarely happens with anything in concept form. I’ve always considered concept technology and vehicles (which I also consider tech) to be creative designs meant to innovate and inspire future creators.

Top Secret Military Information Exposed Via Internet Mishap

An “Internet error” is responsible for exposing military secrets to the public. The mishap occurred from an improperly censored military document being leaked onto a Parliament website. The document contained information about UK’s nuclear submarines, which is obviously classified information you would not want to be released.

An App That Brings Photos To Life (See Video!!)

One of the largest British software companies, Autonomy, has created an application that brings visual recognition to new heights. The application, called Aurasma is designed for the iPhone/iPad but will have Android support in the near future. The app works once you point your camera to a static object, the camera then recognizes the image and pulls a relevant video from its database to match what you are viewing. The application can recognize up to 500,000 images and will be available free of charge.

Imagine you are in a store and you want to know more information about the product you are looking at or you simply want to see how their advertising is by viewing a quick commercial. The video brought isn’t always commercials though, sometimes it is a video supplement to a newspaper article you are reading, or an action video if you’re reading about a video game. Just point your…

UK Tech Sector Gets $60 Million Push

U.K. investment firm Passion Capital just raised a fund of $60 million, $40 million of which was contributed by the U.K. government. They plan to make around 50 investments with the fund, each around $200,000, mostly to companies with little more than a pitch or a prototype. They recently released their invest strategy on their lovely website.

Partners Stefan Glaenzer, Eileen Burbidge and Robert Dighero, are former European angle investors before they got together to launch…