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Articles tagged with: bugs

LG G2X: Random Shutdowns And Freezes

As an owner of the HTC G2, I gotta say it’s a great phone overall but does randomly restart about once a month. Unfortunately it looks like the problem persists with LG’s G2X with Google. Just like the G2s, the brand new G2X’s suffer from spontaneous shutdowns and it’s quite apparent that Google hasn’t fixed the issue. I say Google, and not LG, because this is likely an issue with Android’s software the and the G2 platform core architecture.

Fortunately, T-Mobile acknowledges the problem and claims to be working with LG towards a fix that should give customers the update (and peace of mind) they are looking for.

Google Shells Out 16K To Fix Bugs

We just got news today that Google had paid out a record $16,500 to developers in order to plug 27 Chrome Web browser vulnerabilities, and paving the way for Chrome 11’s launch. Chrome 11 includes a few perks such as speech input translation in addition to a stable channel for Windows, Mac and Linux. The patches were fixed after the Chromium development community members found a bunch of flaws with the latest application. 18 of these holes were rated “high”, 6 of them were rated “medium”, and three were considered low risk. Google rewarded most of the individuals for their discoveries. Google paid between $500 and $3,000 for vulnerabilities such as: