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Articles tagged with: chinese government

China’s Search Engine, Baidu, Goes Social

China’s top online search engine, Baidu, has just unleashes its new Web 2.0 social bookmarking button called “Baidu Share”, which is currently closed in beta. Users can now embed the Baidu Share Javascript code into their website, which allows visitors to share content from the site to 16 different social networking services.

Of the social networking sites, include, Sohu Microblog, Renren, Kaixin001, Tencent Qzone, Pengyou, and Microblog, Sina Weibo, Taobao’s Tao Jianghu, and Google Buzz.

Chinese Government Threatens Google Over Hack Accusations

According to Reuters, the Chinese government is threatening Google, surprise, surprise. The Chinese government said that “Google has become a ‘political tool’ vilifying the Chinese government’ and it warned the company that its statements about the recent hacks traced to China could hurt its business.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry rejected the accusations and claimed that Google was badmouthing China as a political move. Laughably, the threat went unreceived by Google as they had no comment on the Chinese threats.

Chinese Hackers Spoof Gmail To Target Gov’t Officials

Google has recently caught a series of phishing attempts targeted at United States and South Korean government officials. The attacks originated from Jinan, China and attempted to gain access to Gmail accounts of hundreds of users by tricking them into sharing their passwords. Chinese political activists, military personnel, and journalists were also victimized.

The attackers were seeking to monitor their victims’ e-mail accounts by changing the account settings to automatically forward messages. The attempts actually started in February and have been since ongoing.

The Chinese Cafe Crackdown

According to a new Chinese government report, China took down over 130,000 illegal internet cafes over the past six years, in efforts to control the market.

Chinese Internet cafes are government regulated and authorities have made it illegal to serve customers under 18 years of age, claiming that the net could endanger their well-being.

In April 2010, the Ministry of Culture declared that they would support Internet cafe chains, but seek to stop the establishment of independently operated ones. Out of 450 million Internet users, about a third browse the web through such cafes. Additional efforts have been made to block…