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Articles tagged with: Commercials

Sony Summarizes TV’s History In 60 Seconds; A Must See!

Many of us are used to seeing that stereotyped commercial that shows a product, maybe briefly covers some of that product’s key features, and then “sell” you on the product. Many of us have even grown to appreciate the creativeness that often comes with these types of commercials. It’s not just about the product or its features anymore, it’s how it relates to our lives, or how cool the commercial seems.

Your Car’s Owners Manual – An iPad App (All Digital)

Last month Hyundai introduced the world to a new concept, having their car’s owner manual on an iPad, something which has not been done before, not even in the luxury lines of BMW, Porshe, Mercedes or Audis, let alone GM or Ford. The automaker made it official that it would be ditching the paper manual for the digital version.

With it, you can view rich multimedia reference guides, locate Hyundai dealers, schedule regular service appointments, read safety warnings and so much more. And I would not be surprised if in the near future, your vehicles diagnostic would be displayed from the app.

They could also enable a feature which allow you to trace the vehicle should it be stolen or have it notify you, via the iPad app of course, when it requires an oil change.

The first official Apple iPhone commercial was aired in 2007 during the Oscars / Academy Awards.