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Articles tagged with: CTIA

HTC Releases EVO 3D Ad

HTC has released the first commercial for the Evo 3D today, kicking off the phone’s ad campaign. It was just introduced and announced yesterday, at CTIA in Orlando, Florida. As you can see in the ad, the phone design itself is not radically different from past smartphones, keeping with the slim candy bar shape. However, there’s something pretty fantastic about the Evo 3D, as the phone’s name subtly lets everyone know. Not only can users view 3D content without 3D glasses, they can also create their own 3D video, taking …

New App Rating System In The Works

The CTIA Wireless has sparked the release of many hot gadgets, but the CTIA recently announced that it will begin to have a new voluntary “App Rating System” to its list of industry guidelines. App stores who choose to opt in the system will…

Sprint’s New Feature: Auto-locked Cellphone While Driving

Sprint has announced a new feature that will be available to their phones, just a week before National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Sprint’s new feature aims to prevent distracted drivers from harming themselves or others while on the road. I think it’s safe to say that while many of us vow that we never check our phones while on the road, the reality is a bit different.

Meet The New HTC EVO Family

Sprint will be introducing the HTC EVO 3D at the 2011 CTIA this week and will explain the pricing and release date. Click for the tech specs!

AnyDATA’s Mass Marketed Tablets Are Coming Soon

AnyDATA is coming out with some gorgeous tablet PCs aimed at the consumer market. The two 7-inch tablets look similar to the Galaxy Tab, will both be equipped with WiFi and sport 1024 x 600 resolution displays. Now how do these two tablets differ? Well, the AMD120 will be a 4G tablet while the AMD810 will work on the 3G network.

The AMD120 will ship with the Android Gingerbread OS but have the Honeycomb OS as an option. The AMD810 will only be available…