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Articles tagged with: data centers

U.S. Shutting Down Data Centers To Save Taxpayer Woes

In order to save money, the US federal government decided to shut down more than 350 data centers by the end of 2012 and another 400 by end of 2015. This was decided to save billions of dollars from US taxpayers.

Currently, more than 2000 data centers with 40 percent storage capacity and 27 percent computing capacity are running across the country.

The decision is quite good in saving money but what about the employees working there? Thirty states will be affected by this decision…

Intels Buys Fulcrum Microsystems To Boost Networking

Intel is acquiring Fulcrum Microsystems (a networking chip company) for an unknown amount of money. The buyout is expected to be the result of Intel’s efforts to boost current network offerings.

Fulcrum was founded in 1999 and they currently design Ethernet switches that are used in data centers. Fulcrum’s 10GB Ethernet and 40GB Ethernet switch products are expected to work well with Intel processors and Ethernet controller offerings.

Use Facebook Technology For Your Own Business

Today Facebook announced the Open Compute project which has allowed them to build more efficient data centers by tackling the hardware scalability concerns.

A team of Facebook engineers spent the past two year focusing on scaling computing infrastructure to find efficient and economical ways to grow. Working out a lab the team designed a data center from the ground up; a few months later they started building it in Prineville, Oregon. The project started out with three people and grew to building their own custom servers, power supplies, racks, and battery backup systems. Essentially they designed and built everything from the ground up to be efficient and very cost effective.