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Articles tagged with: data transfers

An External HDD 2x Faster Than USB 3.0: Sony HD-PG5

Sony has recently introduced its first external hard drive, dubbed the HD-PG5. The external hard drive looks a lot sleeker than most and carries its trademark logo on its nice clean, piano black surface.

The drive works like a USB-storage device, and offers users a great way to back up all their personal data, especially amidst all the recent cyber attacks that have been going on lately.

Transfer 50GB Of Data In 2 Minutes, Stream S20 HDD

Silicon Power has just launched the all-new S20, a 2.5″ external hard drive that makes use of the extraordinary USB 3.0 speeds. If you’re unfamiliar with what USB 3.0 can do, it can copy 50GBs of data in just over two minutes.

The device has built-in LED status indicators that notify the user its power and transfer status. Also, the technology is green enough to make sure you don’t unnecessarily keep your external hard drive running all day long.

HP Prefers USB 3.0 Over Thunderbolt

We have covered Hewlett-Packard’s many laptops and desktop computers that have recently been released, but have any of you wondered why the new computers didn’t come with Thunderbolt? According to HP, they’ve spent quite a bit of time weighing the pros and cons of high speed transfer options and found USB 3.0 to be better than Thunderbolt. HP claimed that they are still researching the advantages of Thunderbolt but haven’t found any absolute value that the company had to include the new technology on the latest computers.